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Exploding Ice Cream Informational Voice
Majora's Wrath Comedy Voice
Newgrounds Assassin Jam Comedy Voice
Song of Storms Solo Instrument Song
Headset VS Blue Nessie Voice Demo Voice
Voice Demo Reel [2012] Voice Demo Voice
Babycakes - Doors Comedy Voice

2011 Submissions

End of Ze Newgrounds Comedy Voice
Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans Voice Demo Voice
Repercussions of Evil Comedy Voice
The Metaphoric Art Forum Comedy Voice
Castlevania Bloody Tears Video Game Song
Voice Demo [2009] Voice Demo Voice
Rorschach Joke Voice Demo Voice
Metaphoric Art Forum Stor Classical Song
Misunderstood Pirate Voice Demo Voice
Hero of Time Narration Voice Demo Voice
-Kakariko Village- Video Game Song
-Midna's Desperation- Video Game Song
Madness in the Night Techno Song
Lean On Me R&B Song
Play Him Off Keyboard Cat Miscellaneous Song
Metroid-esque Techno Vibe Video Game Song