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I may have encouraged you, but this was all you. You did a great job, the animation is nice and clean. Big ups all around.

I love the combination of the different mediums, really allows for some creative effects. Good job to all of you <3

Woah, Tara, didn't know you were still around and making slick animations.

And I see you've broken away from your previous, more geometric style. I like this, it's very fluid and polished, keep it up man!

TaraGraphika responds:

Hello bigjonny13:)

Yeah, I'm not dead yet. I'm playing it loosely now with my drawings. Nice of you to drop by.
Thank for the compliment and have a nice day!

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This like some kinda worm or something?

Luwano responds:


You really can tell that this game just barely got through on time.
I have a few gripes with the game, primarily the fact that you forgot to mention in your instructions that once you cause an explosion and need to grab a ship to hijack, it needs to have been an exploded ship, you need to focus the crosshairs on the orange dot in the middle of the explosion and then press space. It took me a little while to figure this out.
Also, the hit detection is extremely off. I don't know whether you programmed it poorly, or it was meant to be that the green aura of your ship is the weak spot. Either way, the ship itself should be the detection zone, not the surrounding area, which really frustrated me.
The story for the game was okay, but I would have liked maybe an ending conclusion, because it seems to have little to do with what's going on in the game.
Otherwise, I think you guys utilized the mechanic of "initiate" well, and you managed to use your entire team fully. Just wish it was a bit more polished up.

mr-johnson22 responds:

Sorry about hit detection issues. It wasn't my intention to have to aim directly on the orange dot of an explosion, and the ship was certainly suppose to be the hit zone rather than its surrounding area. I didn't give myself that much time for fine-tuning...sorry about that! Thanks for the review.

Hot damn, this game came out awesome!
I really didn't know what to expect, seeing as how I was really limited in my time around, so I didn't know as much of what was going on as I would have liked, but you guys pulled off something amazing.
The movement is fluid, and so is the animation.
Just turned out very successful, and I'd love to work with any of you again in the future.

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I didn't know Martin Luther King Jr did hip hop

He's pretty good at it too.
It's a rather relaxed song.

J-qb responds:

yes he is.. too bad he wasnt discovered in time


Starts off slow and peaceful, but then it picks up the pace with some real power, it's very moving. Also, you have a beautiful voice.
Overall, it's just fantabulous :D

Very peaceful and ambient

Reminds me a lot of the Map song from the original Golden Axe. Very well done.

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

Thanks :D

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Yay monster, you coloured it, looks great!

And congrats on the FP :D

monsterparty responds:

Thanks! I was super excited to see it when I got on here today! Best thing to happen to me in quite a while, so it definitely made my day!

Ah, one of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie.
And you have done it fantastic justice!

Surfsideaaron responds:

thanks, gotta love star wars :)

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