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Its ok i dont mind i'll get scouted again someday thx 4 helping me get my art in the portal even if it was 4 a lil while i enjoyed it

No problem man. I hope everyone else is as understanding as you.

No probs, mate!

Did you get un-scouted? Does that mean all your scouts get un-scouted, too?

Never mind, it's no big deal, don't get too down about it!


Yeah, I got unscouted, so all of my scouts got unscouted.
Thanks for the response and the cheering up.

oh man, bummer, I seriously just noticed that I only had 5 scouts instead of 6, What happened?

Yeap, unscouted.

WTF I looked back at your art and the scout link is MIA
Are they Serious! Did they remove you from the portal permanently ?

Wow, I didn't hear that. All I know is that I got unscouted and lost my scouting privileges.

Why were you unscouted :(
I wasn't scouted by you, but it's still sad that you and a bunch of others were unscouted.

Apparently my art isn't good enough for the portal, though I've been scouted for over a month with no qualms.

yeah bud, I tried to scout you again, but the link isn't there, even when I go to your art pieces, o.0......this sucks!

Does it list me as banned? But anyways, I wouldn't accept a scout for now, until I get better pieces uploaded.

dude thats messed up, but if you think thats bad i deleted all my art from my page, but it still lists me as scouted, in the portal and on knocturnes scout page lol. you dont even have the scout me bit anymore, you can guess which stuck up art mod that was.

Wow, that's strange, very strange indeed on your part.
And yeah, well, I can only guess though...

Sorry to hear you can't be scouted anymore...

Eh...same happened to me but thats because i scouted a bunch of idiots.

Yeah, though yours is a banning. Mine's just a fault in the system (?)
Atleast we can still both submit our higher quality stuff to the portal and link to it and get reviews on them.

atleast you dont get removed on placement like i do

Removed on placement? What do you mean by that?

i don't think you scouted me..probably because i was bein' a dick and what not. but anyway, this has to suck.

No, I didn't scout you; you started your art thread after this incident.
Yeah, it does suck, but oh well, I'll have to live with it.

Unscouted you say? Well never let a thing like that let you down. Although it's pretty sad for the ones who you scouted. 57 is a big number! Well cheer up, there's always hope when you believe.

Well, actually, it appears to be more of a banning than an unscouting now.
But I won't let it get me down. I've picked myself back up, and I'm still standing tall.

WTF!!! i just checked back and now it saids ur banned y the hell would they ban u?

I really have no clue man. I've heard multiple possibilities, but either way, what's done is done. And they can't un-ban me currently because it's not a feature of the system, so yeah.

That must suck dude. I admire how you dont let it affect you in anyway. Good luck on the future man.

Yeah, it does suck. It affect me a bit at first, I was sad, and then angry, but then I came to accept it. It is what it is.

have you ever KILLED A MAN before?????


So how are you doing? Still up to posting in the forums I see. Glad to see you being your regular self!

Yeap, nothing gonna keep me down. Haven't done any art lately because of exams, but I'll probably get to doing some during my week and a half off.

i think this scouting business is kind of elitist bullshit anyhow... ive been posting my my best stuff for the last couple months and i dont even have a comment, let alone a scout...

i would be furious... sorry to hear of your misfortune... :(

Yeah, there's always flaws with a system, no matter how good it seems.
Thanks for the support though.

Send long PM-complaints to:
Tom, Wade, Jeff, Will, Jose, Luis (lol idk), Mike, Rob, John, Jim, Tim and Bob.

I bet you'll get at least ONE reply!

Lol, nah, there's no need. Besides, I've talked to Renae, and she talked to Bob and apparently, unfortunately, my banning cannot be undone at the moment with the current system.

Why not post more art? Well I guess there's no point. :(

I'll still be posting artwork in my thread. And maybe I might still post my better pieces in my "art portal". I mean, hey, why not? Not like it's gonna hurt XD