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Anyone would think you're on there more than me, what with all those memes you spew. In any case, the odd visit there is a lot less shameful than spending day after day on a graveyard of a board of which you contribute nothing but useless commentary and general dickery to. Surely after all this time on an ART forum you'd be pumping out the shite, but nope. Though I was no better example, I was nothing compared to the bulk you posted in, and I wasn't looking for respect and status. I enjoyed getting on people's tits. Honestly, all your credibility consists of is your flawless punctuality. You're on every spare minute and supervising the posters with a thick air of false authority about you. That's what I hate about you Johnny, you're nothing but a face people have seen so much they've just grown accustomed to it.

I'm sorry mate, I suppose it seems like I'm just having a random go at you, but to be honest I've always cringed at the posts where you try to be witty or cool by using lines plucked straight from tough guy movies or using lame gags any 12 year old can and has come up with. Then you go off criticising folks like you know what you're talking about! It's embarrassing Johnny, and I'm disappointed that you obviously don't know where you're going wrong.

Actually, my posting habits have slowed down considerably, but I doubt you would even notice. Spewing memes? I'm really taken back by that fact you would even think of such a thing, as I am now spewing forth such childish means. Like I said, I've really reduced on the number of posts lately, mainly because there's no reason to post. Sure I'll be on lurking, but I don't post jack shit. I don't think I'm some authoritative figure or some art forum god. I've just become more of a cranky sarcastic asshole than I used to be. Sure, I'll quote the occasional movie once or twice, but that's not the extent of my repertoire and to chide be and compare me to a 12 year old I find not only ridiculous, but also extremely insulting.

Okay, so I'm not posting art, boo-fucking-who. I got into a bit of an art swing at one point, but, hey, I'm in university, I actually have real shit to do than put hours into making art. Sure, you could say "Then why do you spend time on newgrounds?" Well, most of the time I just leave a browser open and then forget about it while I do other things, and posting takes maybe 5 minutes out of my time. Also, I've tried to art, goodness knows I've tried, but it's like I've entered a goddam existential state of being, where when I try to produce something, I just stop and think to myself "Why? What's the point?" The inherent lack of being able to find motivation severely reduces your abilities.
Criticizing people? With regards to what? If you're talking about me criticizing the idiots who troll, then yeah, I'll take it, because it's stupid and old and unfunny. Criticizing with regards to art? Okay, yeah, maybe I can't apply the proper techniques to my own work, but that doesn't mean I still can't see the flaws in others work. It doesn't take a NASA scientist to realize that the photos from the Hubble telescope came back blurry, and likewise it doesn't take a goddam art professional to be able to notice mistakes that others have made in their artwork.

Now you might think that I'm just having a go at your for posting such a long comment and that I'm failing to recognize what you're trying to say, but to be honest, I've always known you to be an asshole in all aspects of what you've done, yet you've still had your reasonings (usually). I'm more disappointed in the fact that you are just too stubborn to look more in depth into something instead of just judging it at face value.

Also, if you're just posting like this to get a rise out of me, congratulations, you have succeeded. If that's the case, then you really are a most pathetic human being.

Look at the fronters

Games without frontiers
Wars without tears

Hahahahahah!!! It's a ribbon, when I think of it as a ribbon and not a cool bandanna, ninja head belt thing it's extremely funny... xD

Gotta improvise with what you got. MacGyver that shit.

Jonny VS Jason


Care to make a cameo?

can you voice act?.... (hits you with street fighter move) SURE YOU CAN!!!

Hello Ken

Happy Birthday, Jonny!! <3

Thanks Nae <3

He he, Nice fruit scluptures.

If only they were on e-bay.

But they wouldn't last :C

You can has voice acting you handsome cat you &lt;3

That's Mr Cat to you.

cool,you could be a really good voice acter

I still need more practice.

oi you! Jonny, art forum Ninja. You need to draw and paint more. I really want to see you flourish and bloom like Fifty, Ash and Zane have.

Art in works, wait for upload.

big-jonny-joke is what u should swap ur alias to.

I don't know if you're trying to insult me or make a comment about how absurd my life is.

Happy Birthday, Jonny!! &lt;3 (copy/pasted from last year! lol)

You're so cheeky Nae <3

C-can I has voice acting two?

Maybe :3

Just listened to the Metaphoric Art Forum story again. I still quite like it :)

I always like it. You have to come back to us, I miss you :c

My name is cast and I'm starving to death. Please help me.

No cast, please no, don't die on me man, DON'T DIE ON ME!!!

Hooray! I feel special.

U still hate me? :(

Who are you? Who who who who

Gosh I sure dished out some needless hate in the past

I'm sorry baby
Nevertheless, can't has

Oh Joe, how I miss your beakful of wrath and hatred.
Also, I can has all the cheeseburgers I want.

Why did you include some submissions in the portfolio, where the voice acting quality is terrific? For example, The Use of Time Travel.

Where the quality is terrific? I'm a little confused here.
I've included everything that I've voiced in.

sprry, i did not know about Assasin Game Jam,i did not read the description.

Lol, no worries

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