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Art Collabs Much?

Posted by bigjonny13 - August 23rd, 2009

Holy hell, the art forum has exploded with collabs this month. It's intense.
So far, here's what I'm participating in:

- I'm co-running the Madness Collab with ScelesticFish. I've completed two pieces for it and I'm working on a third. Keep submitting pieces for it guys, we want this collab to be great.
- I've submitted a piece to the Elements collab. It's not that great and if I have time, I'd like to make another piece for it.
- I'm joining the Nint3ndo Collab. I've got a few ideas, so I'll see which one works best.
- I've also joined the Ng Level Collab and have picked level 10. I have a good idea for this one, which I hope I can execute properly.
- I might join in on the Grim Collab if I have time for it too.

UPDATE (August 24)
- I've submitted my piece for the Ng Levels Collab. It's me in my ninja suit performing a shoryuken.
- I've also submitted my piece for the Grim Collab. It's a vicious flying eyeball, oh noes!

UPDATE (August 25)
- I've submitted another piece to the Elements Collab. It's pretty much a joke, but the collab has turned into dead end anyways.
- My third Madness Collab piece is coming along. Check the thread for some WIPS.
- I'm working on my Nint3ndo Collab piece. Check the thread for current status.

UPDATE (August 26)
- I completed my Nint3ndo Collab piece. It's a hardcore bullet bill.

UPDATE (September 12)
- Finally completed my third Madness Day Collab piece. Only a few more days for submissions guys, let's see what you have left to offer.

UPDATE (September 22)
- The Madness Day Art Collab is finally out. Check it out here. and enjoy.

Till next time,


Fuck yeah, that's awesome.

Isn't it something? I love it when we all collaborate.

Totally man, its great.

I got my big-jonny-13 medal today. I put it on the fridge.

Yay, it's a splendid medal. Hold on to that, it's very meaningful.

i think the madness day collab should be good.

I hope so man, I hope so.

Thanks for re-scouting me, that was a big surprise to me earlier when it happened.

No problem mate. I found out about the situation myself only today because I had been away for a week.

forgot ng doubles?
how could you

Technically it's not a collab. Also, I might not be in Doubles 7.

we need new collabs lol those are boring now

Well the levels collab is still going on, as is the nintendo collab :P
But I guess we can try to set up some more in the future!

i agree with Ashman,we need more.i love Art collabs.its an awesome feeling when i collaborate with other artists.

In due time dear Dexter. There will always be collabs abounding.

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No, dear god no. I would never do such a thing!
I've just been a little busy lately, but you've not been on when I have.

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I was in shock myself. How could you accuse me of such a hurtful thing :(

I reckoned you were sour about the 1 I gave you on that comic you did.

Meh, a little sour, but we already talked about it over msn. Besides, you're a bastard and it's in your nature to do such things.


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