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Wow, It's My Birthday

Posted by bigjonny13 - October 13th, 2009

So today, October 13, is my birthday. It's all good and fun.
I've turned 19, which means I can drink legally now in Canada, but it doesn't really make a different because if I wanted to drink I would drink, and I'm not really a big drinker. Although, now I can go out to bars with my friends to hang out.
Also, my parents got me a tablet for my birthday. Yay! I haven't set it up yet because I have been busy with thanksgiving weekend and I have mid-term exams and all, but I will be sure to put it to good use when I can.

OCT 21:
I just installed my tablet. It's really simple and fun to use, but I can't dawdle too much because I still got exams, but I have a bit of a break next week so I'll be sure to get into using it.

OCT 22:
I spent some time getting a feel for the tablet. I worked on a piece for the GRIM collab (hopefully it's acceptable) and I did a few rough sketches. The sketches can be seen in my art thread, and if my GRIM collab piece is acceptable, I'll post it in my thread as well.

OCT 27:
GRIM collab piece was accepted; it's now posted in my art thread. Working on a new piece with my tablet, something more than a simple loose sketch. I'll be posting progress of it in my thread, the first WIP is already there.

Wow, It's My Birthday


Congrats Man.
Damn it's good to be first!
Hope you have a great day and an even better week

Thanks a lot man, and I'll try to, although I have a mid-term saturday, it's in the morning, so I can party at night

get that box open already and stop waving it around... get it installed and make some awsome artwork for the collab!!!....

um... oh yeah... happy B-day big-jonny-19

Hahaha, in time man. Just gotta trudge through some exams first. Thanks man.


Happiest of Bdays Johnny, can't wait to see how you use that tablet! And best of luck on your exams!

Thanks a lot Saurus. Once I get the time, I'm gonna start cranking this out with the tablet.

Congrats man, and happy (belated) birthday.
Pro tip: don't put regular pens right next to your tablet pen
* looks at squiggle on tablet pad....

Hahahaha, thanks man and will do. I'll probably keep my tablet in the box when I'm not using it. Also, I keep my pens in a basket behind my computer. Mild OCD ftw!

Happy late birthday dude. Hopefully it was a good one. :) Get to using that tablet!!

Thanks man, yeah it was good. Some buddies came over and we chilled that night. The tablet will be put to use soon, don`t worry.

So you have a Tablet in arsenal?sweet.

Fire it up already!

I'm hoping to set it up and get to using it this week. Hopefully I can find the time to do so.

Happy birthday!

As for the tablet, I guess I'll leave you an advice since I own the exact same thing.

Don't press hard on it.

Although it's durable, I've realized that it does develop some scratches here and there on the surface over time. This doesn't really damage the device, but it can act as little bumps on your pad which can be a bit of a nuisance. So my advice would be to go soft on it to prevent any scratches.

Thanks for the wishes and thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind when I get to using it.

You will probably end up using its mouse for everything.
because it is convenient.

I figure I'll be using the pen for all the linework, mouse for colouring, and then back to pen for details.

Not for drawing, I meant just using it instead of your normal mouse.
I do all of my art with the pen.

Nah, I think I'll use my regular mouse for everything else. The mouse it comes with runs off the tablet and I don't want to keep that out all the time. Also, it uses the tablet's surface as a base so I don't want to needlessly ruin the surface by constantly wearing it down with the mouse.

I like how the box doubles up as ninja-identity protection.

Hehehe, indeed. A ninja can never reveal his true identity. Although for some reason I have a link to my facebook in my user sig :P

I have seen this man's faic.
I have seen it gaze out of a window in a perverse fashion.
I have, therefore, seen the grail of comedy.

The Holy grail of comedy that is.

Why are you no longer on msn you disgraceful disgrace

I was busy getting an H1N1 shot.