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Art forum ninja and general voice actor. Contact me if you need some voices for a project. Either PM me, send me an email, or contact me on skype, or via email at orange_bomber@hotmail.com

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i like Castlevania :3
also, if only i had a wacom, a flash program and knew how to make games i would hire you as a voice actor, i'll get a tablet eventually.....i hope :(

Hahaha, well I bid you luck.
I'll be here waiting man =P

I'm not dead.

Thank god, I was starting to get worried.

Again, you may has voice acting.

Yes I has. *looks at updates*

I had a peruse, some of your stuff isn't too bad. You just need to work on articulating your sentences to ensure they roll off your tongue with believable emotion, I suggest getting hold of a voice recorder to practice with, you can play back quickly and listen to what you're doing right and wrong. Remember to go for broke with emotion otherwise it sounds sterile; always ensure you read the sentence so you understand it in depth completely. What does it mean? Why is it said?

P.S: Glad to see you're still up to your ninjary ways.


Aye captain.

Good thing I've made a new account to submit anything because I've been banned off in the audio portal my old Account for typing pretty biased reviews. I would like to give a try on voice acting my self though if you heard it , you would have sworn it be more serious.

Hahaha, for real? That's wild man. Yeah, give it a go and link me to your stuff when you've got it up.

Alright Awesome, I'm thinking that the 1996 DOOM: Knee Deep in Dead comic would actually make for good practice ... How about you?

That sounds good. I've got a few VA pieces in works that I've got to get finished.

Jonny.... I.. I'm dying.

What of?

Hey son!
Keep working on those voices; a true ninja is master of all means of deception; and voices are an important part of that. Remember me to tell you about that one time I had to trick to police chief into thinking I was Obama!

Deception is my middle name. Well, really it's my second middle name.

Okay I hope you like what you hear , I'm growing a bit impatient for my own approval on the audio Portal. Don't be hesitant to send me any advice.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWrGxWKaz9E">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWrGxW Kaz9E</a>

Well, the mic quality isn't that great.
It's pretty silly, but a lot of the voices sound similar. When you wanna do a demo reel of voices, plan it out ahead of time, or else it just messes up and you flounder with dialogue. I had the same problem on my first voice demo reel.


Ba-dum tish?

You should make a song completely out of voice clips :D!

I don't have THAT much free time, nor do I have any idea how to even do that properly XD

I rly like the Rorschach Joke one :D

Good joke, everybody laugh.

No, can't has

The PMs I've been getting say I can has.

I'm still not dead.

I just listened to the MAFS it makes me happy :)

I really should complete this castle, it's been like a year plus. Slap me til I complete I beg you.

Yeah, I was wondering where you ran off to.
Oh yeah.... the castle. Hahahaha, I think even if you complete it a lot of people would be like "oh lord, I can't believe I used to draw like that".
How about you just come back to NG and start something new?

YOU CAN HAS ARTZ. Why have you stopped drawing you stupid ninja you &gt;:(

I've been in a bad slump of artist's block for the past few months. I've tried drawing but nothing comes of it. I bumped my thread about a week or so ago with a digitalized version of a pencil drawing from the first page. That's probably about all I can get to doing at the moment.

stupid ninja! do some art...

Shhhhh, I'm busy with voices.

Merry Christmas! :D

Mehwy Chwismus Nae =3

Sweet, we have the same headset

High five!

It's not even a bandanna is it Johnny

it's a ribbon

a fucking ribbon

Boo-fucking-who, it's a goddam ribbon. I never said it was a bandanna, and bandannas look like nothing of the sort.


Go back to 4chan.

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