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Waking up beside a hot naked woman????


dommi-fresh responds:

you said it man


Holy shit man, that's totally awesome.
62 hours eh? Well it definitely shows and it turned out fantastic.
I bet you almost didn't want to give it up at the end, eh?
I hope she loved it.

Knocturne responds:

I almost didn't! But I don't like dolls (ironic) they are creepy to me. She loves it, but it is creepy to her actually ;P


Black and white does me great justice

In the shadows, the art forum ninja ever lurks for the stupid noob to post and then he pounces.

Kinsei responds:

Sai at the ready I can tell.
I thought of doing a version where the shadow would actually blend in to the NG gray, but the, the lines which aren't entirely black would look weird...

Finished and looking good

Hard work and determination really payed off.
This thing came into fruition and it looks great.
I especially like how the tank logo turned out on the hood.
Great piece man, can't wait to see what you do next.

All hail the Mind Chamber raffy

The attention to detail on this is absolutely amazing.
Also the fact that you sculpted the Mind Chamber head is brilliant.
You totally deserved to win and I'm glad you did.

LegolaSS responds:

i need to work on my sculpting work as its not the best in the world :P... and im glad you enjoyed watching me paint it on stickam :P...

Every Newgrounder's dream

Also, how would I be able to access the.... second floor?

Havegum responds:

Go to the cashier.

Ask to see the manager.

When you ask the manager, he'll tell you to call a phone number.

Call the number from a pay phone.

The man on the other line will tell you to meet him at a certain location, he will be wearing a bright yellow raincoat.

He will give you a password so you can access the second floor, in return, you'll have to invest in their company ... Dickscretely ...

Oh yeah, look at Ornery in all his toned body-ness

I was wondering when you'd be submitting a new piece to the art portal.
Once again, you don't disappoint.
I really hope you can find models soon. Not that we don't love seeing you up in these pieces, but just so that it makes things easier for you and so that you can have some more variation.

I don't know why this has such a low score

This piece is hilarious. The background story is hilarious.
The piece itself really gives you the feel of the hero and the outfit perfectly fits the theme as a shrimp.

"I'm Domni-Fresh, I draw it so you don't have to"

Just excellent man. I especially love how you have "HEART" in the back :D
You should send this to them, I bet they'd love it.

dommi-fresh responds:

i did man hopefully i will get a reply soon.

And they only had 2 days till retirement

Excellent piece Shad. Always a pleasure to see your take on popular franchises.
Once again, you create something excellent.
I especially like the agent eating the ice cream :D

TheShadling responds:

Hey thanks alot big-johnny youre flattering me X)

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