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Yay monster, you coloured it, looks great!

And congrats on the FP :D

monsterparty responds:

Thanks! I was super excited to see it when I got on here today! Best thing to happen to me in quite a while, so it definitely made my day!

Ah, one of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie.
And you have done it fantastic justice!

Surfsideaaron responds:

thanks, gotta love star wars :)

I really dig the wonderful use of a variety of colours that you picked for the shading of the character, it really adds character to the piece.
The proportionality of the anatomy is good, and the perspective works.
But you can tell that it was rushed as it has a very unfinished feel to it, everything is very smudgy and blurry, nothing is refined and finished. Maybe take some time to wrap things up here in the future.

Love the colour choice here and the sunburst behind the head looks great.
I feel that his right nipple should be a little further to his right.
And the feet could be a tad bigger.

Flowers10 responds:

It's commenly know that men with small feet have tiny dicks.
Thanks for the critique!

I'm a fan of the colour choices and the stylistic choice you make for the design of the hair.
However, I think that you make the thighs too short in comparison to the calves.
Also, the hands are rather large in relation to everything else, especially the wrists.

It really could use being refined into a finished piece, because what you've got going so far isn't too bad.
The lines are rough and sketchy, as is the shading.
Her right breast and right thigh seem to be along larger than her left ones respectively.

Interesting how you decided to anthropomorphize a sea slug.
That being said, you did a really great job in capturing the perspective and anatomical ratios while still maintaining the characteristics that define it for what it originally was as a creature.
Her closest shoulder, however, appears to just jut out from her breast though instead of being connected along her clavicle.

DeliciousOrange responds:

Thanks for the input. I mentioned it below, but I think the girl's hair covering part of her trapezius muscle might be responsible for some of the confusing regarding her shoulder. Personally though, I still think it reads well to communicate her emotion and the tension of her body there.

You definitely have a strong grasp of your proportions and body stylistics.
I feel though that for the character in front, that with her leaning forwards and her breasts hanging, that the nipples should be located a bit lower and pointing towards the ground more.
Also, the elbows of the character in front are a bit too straight edged and pointed, should be a bit more curved instead.

Once again, you've shown your skill and mastery of the medium with which you choose to work.
You've capture the anatomy and shading down to a T, with a near photographic like finish.
My main gripe with the piece though is the fact that the background is nearly the same colour as the person, so there are some parts where the body seems to just melt into the background.
Also, the jeans are too dark to make any clear definitions, so it just seems like a black mass.

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