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This like some kinda worm or something?

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You really can tell that this game just barely got through on time.
I have a few gripes with the game, primarily the fact that you forgot to mention in your instructions that once you cause an explosion and need to grab a ship to hijack, it needs to have been an exploded ship, you need to focus the crosshairs on the orange dot in the middle of the explosion and then press space. It took me a little while to figure this out.
Also, the hit detection is extremely off. I don't know whether you programmed it poorly, or it was meant to be that the green aura of your ship is the weak spot. Either way, the ship itself should be the detection zone, not the surrounding area, which really frustrated me.
The story for the game was okay, but I would have liked maybe an ending conclusion, because it seems to have little to do with what's going on in the game.
Otherwise, I think you guys utilized the mechanic of "initiate" well, and you managed to use your entire team fully. Just wish it was a bit more polished up.

mr-johnson22 responds:

Sorry about hit detection issues. It wasn't my intention to have to aim directly on the orange dot of an explosion, and the ship was certainly suppose to be the hit zone rather than its surrounding area. I didn't give myself that much time for fine-tuning...sorry about that! Thanks for the review.

Hot damn, this game came out awesome!
I really didn't know what to expect, seeing as how I was really limited in my time around, so I didn't know as much of what was going on as I would have liked, but you guys pulled off something amazing.
The movement is fluid, and so is the animation.
Just turned out very successful, and I'd love to work with any of you again in the future.

Did it in 553, not too shabby.
Definitely just as good as the first, and definitely just as frustrating.
The margin of error for some of those jumps is just ridiculous, and sometimes you just spawn immediately into a block without time to realize and then you've already like like 20 times, which is pretty maddening.
Also, maybe include a pause button for when you want to take a moment.

Unimpressive Metroid knock off

This game is just so blah.
First off, the graphics. Good lord, they were weak. The characters have spheres for heads and the mouths just flap during the dialogue. At least try to sync those up better, they're not sock puppets for gods sake. But the design.... it's just a bunch of horrible gradients and abuse of the line tool. These are the graphics you'd expect from something back in 2006, not now in 2011.
Secondly, the controls. Not horrible, but not great either. A bit of delay sometimes, so that kinda ruins it.
Thirdly, the enemy AI. Inconsistent much? Half of the time the robots just tread back and forth on the same platform, other times they just charge right off them. If you're designing all enemies to have a pattern, KEEP IT CONSISTENT.
Now the story..... blah, it was so uninteresting. I didn't even care what was going on, there's nothing gripping about it, nothing that makes you care about it. And oh dear god the dialogue. It was painful to listen to. I'd rather have read it than have my ears berating by such drivel. And the fact that you are going to make a series? Honestly, I could care less because the story is just so not interesting.
The difficulty is another issue. The game is so ridiculously easy for the most part, and then it just gets racked up exponentially on the final boss. Mainly because of the controls not reacting fast enough and the delay causes a jump to fail due to mistiming.
But I played through the entire game so that I'd give you a fair review, and a fair review I feel this is. This game is incredibly, incredibly rough with a major amount of flaws. Now you may want to just push out some more games as fast as possible, but I say don't do it.
I think it would be better to sit on them and polish them out, instead of just pushing them out like some quick and dirty backroom delivery.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat small children. That is the mood this game has put me in.

Rhete responds:

Hmm, I'm not why you would be getting delay with the controls, that hasn't happened to anyone else. Are you using IE? Old computer? Try setting it to low quality? I bugs like this because they're so impossible to diagnose and fix.

Was not as enjoyable as I'd hoped

First off, this reminds me a lot of Gravity Duck, which was submitted in September. It had the exact same concept, but I liked it much better than this, and this is why.
1) The controls are terribly slippery
I'm not just talking about on the ice level, I mean always. You try to adjust your jump in mid-air and 90% of the time it overextends your movement. The ice level makes this worse. I land on an object and just immediately slide off, even without me applying any directional movement. Also, a lot of the jumps need to be spot on, or else you either fall short or hit an obstacle at the peak of the jump.
2) The hit detection is off
Now it's not horribly off, but there were times when I clearly had room away from an enemy and they kill me, but other times I land right on an enemy and they don't die. This is frustrating as hell.
3) Death objects from background objects
A lot of the objects that can kill you look so damn close to the background it's hard to tell what's what. I ran into an object 3 times before realizing that "oh wait, it's not a glitch, there's actually something there". Next time, make it more obvious that it's not part of the background.
This game definitely needs some work, but I think it can be fixed up. It definitely has some potential.

It was an okay game.....

It was a decent platformer, but a lot of flaws.
First off, the hit detection was pretty bad. There were a lot of times, especially against the watcher in his second form, where I took damage when I wasn't even in the line of fire.
Secondly, your character was seriously underpowered compared to every single enemy, especially the ninjas. Seeing as how you only had a melee attack, you were at a serious disadvantage to most enemies, and even the basic enemies took a quarter of your health bar with a single hit.
Thirdly, the voice acting was way too quiet. I could barely hear what they were saying. I only want to have too look at subtitles if I can't understand what's being said, not because I can't hear what's being said. Especially on the psychic boss because you have to pay attention to when he's going to attack the gun turret. Also, why does he countdown "two two one"? Shouldn't it be "three two one"?
Lastly, the ending was a pretty big cop out I thought. *SPOILER ALERT* Killing the main character for no apparent reason other than just cause you wanted to is a pretty bad reason. He had no reason to die, but I guess you thought killing him was a good idea. If that's the case, then it would've been better to have him keep crawling towards the light after he hit the ground and then have the screen fade out just as he reaches the blinding white light. That would've been much better than having two random agents appear for no reason. I understand you may have been trying to tie a story together, but the agents just made things worse.
Overall, the game was okay, but it needs some definite work.

Good game, but some issues

It was a really interesting concept, very unique, I'll give it that.
I have a few issues with the game though.
First, having to wait out the timer after you've finished with your motions. There should be a way to speed it up.
Secondly, not having a mute button. The music just drills into your brain, causing you to go insane especially when you hear it over and over again when you can't beat a level.
My biggest issue might be due to a glitch. I was facing Tricky, and then I went to the menu to see if there was a mute option. When I found that there wasn't, I went to continue back at Tricky, but my entire arsenal was gone. I had no arsenal points and I was back to the pistol. This is a major flaw in the game, so if it's not a bug, then it should be changed, because if you're gonna take away someones arsenal just because they went to check the menu, that's a dick move.

BoMToons responds:

that's a weird bug, first I've heard of that one :(

Good entry to your Madness game series

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. When I first saw it, I was like "A tower defense game?" but then I realized it was actually a survival game with turrets included.
It's really fun and highly addictive. While the lag can be a bother at times, at other times I actually find it to be a part of the game and help me out (yeah, I'm weird like that).
I dunno how others found the difficulty portion, but I played through this game and immediately decided to forgo turrets to go for that other medal. I was able to complete all 40 waves without a single turret, and I found I lost more health on the lower levels than the higher levels.
My only issue with the game is how low Hank is to the bottom of the screen. So if you're trying to shoot below him, in your intense actions, it's easy for your mouse to move below the window and inactivate Hank or, even worse, click the link ad right below the game window.
The music suits the mood perfectly and doesn't wear on you or become annoying while you play.
Overall, it's a solid game, highly enjoyable. Although I was hoping for Tricky to show up as a boss again (on wave 40) it was still a great game.
Glad to see you guys still pumping good stuff out.

Everyone's a damn critic

And a bad one at that.
There are two main complaints here.
1) This isn't a game.
Okay, no, it's not a game, it's an art collab, but every other damn art collab, such as the Tricolor Art Collab, The Notepad Drawing Collab and even the Sketchbook Tours are all filed under the GAME category. Jesus people, every single art collab has been submitted as a game. Also, it's under the GADGETS section, sheesh. There's more clicking in this collab than in some games, so stop whining all of you.
2) Why is this on the frontpage?
Well, who knows? Maybe the admins liked the concept, maybe they like it when there are collabs with all revenue going to charity, maybe they like frontpaging controversial flashes to see the general public bitch and moan about it. I dunno, but it's pretty obvious that if it's not something by one of the newgrounds "legends", then it's deemed shit.
Back to my review of it. I'm glad that the sequel to the original screw collab has finally been released. The quality of some submissions wasn't great, but I knew there wasn't really gonna be quality control here, and that it was just for fun and that everyone was allowed to be a part of this collab. Tou put it together well, and thanks for including my collab bio info =D
It turned out pretty good, but I don't think we need a third one.
I hope that this collab can bring a lot to chairty.

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