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A shitty copy of Ninja Rampage

If you're gonna copy a game, make sure it's not a game that's already on Newgrounds and make sure it's better than the original.

I thought this game was hilarious.

After hearing everyone bitch about this game in their reviews, I decided to look up the incident that happened. Yes, it is a tragic incident and an unfortunate event. But remember people, this is the internet. If it exists, it will get parodied at some point. And think about this. What was Newgrounds founded on? Well, "Club a Seal" and the "Assassin" series, that's what. So everyone just stop bitching.
Back to the game. While simple, I liked the use of pixel art, and the use of the song "Air Balloons" was just great.

It's an okay game

The music is good, it set a rather good mood.
The graphics could use a bit of work.
The dialogue is cut off in the middle of a sentence in some places, notably the mole in the cell and the mole in the end. This makes it frustrating as you don't know what they're saying then.
Indication that the space bar is how you punch would be a good idea. I just lucked upon it in game, and it was a good thing too, or else I would not have been able to get far.
Falling in a hole and starting at the last checkpoint is very annoying. Seeing as how falling in a hole only takes 1 health point, it should just have him start at the beginning of that screen.
Trying to kill enemies by jumping on them is a problem. You can't just land on them from a jump, or else you get hurt and they don't die. You have to hold the jump button down if you want to defeat them, which also would've been a good thing to point out.
The hit detection is a problem as well. There is a wide area in which you can get hit, even when you're not touching an enemy. A few times when I was avoiding the swinging spikes, I would get take damage though I clearly wasn't hit by it.
Overall, this game needs a fair bit of fixing up, but it has potential.

I enjoyed it

A good thinking game.
I rather liked the concept of turning gears to alter the paths which you needed to take to the exit. It made you think, yet it didn't overwork your brain.
My only qualm was that the movement of the sphere with your mouse was a little too sensitive at times. Levels in which there were destructible paths need precision movement, and there were times when I moved just a little too far past and I couldn't go back and had to restart the level.
The pulsating light and little shower of sprites when you reached the exit was enjoyable, especially when the rest of the level is kept in a grayscale of colour.
Overall, a good game and I hope to see more new ideas.

Another great addition to the Colour series

Keeping with the same style of graphics, yet adding a christmas theme made it something new. The interactions were good, yet not terribly hard to find, making it nice and simple. The music was lovely and beautifully set the atmosphere for the game.
Overall, another brilliant piece of work.

Simple, but classic

This is honestly a great game. Taking something simple, like slicing blocks (a fairly common concept) and then tweaking it ever so slightly and you bring us a whole new affair.
I also love the pixely old-school style graphics, kudos to you.

Pretty good game

Really enjoyable and it really makes you think. You really have to figure out what to do before you just jump into a level. I especially like the sound, reminds me a bit of the days of playing Spanky's Quest.
Overall, it's a pretty solid game.
Oh, and I finished in 379 seconds.

Very fun and enjoyable

The music was very suitable and enjoying.
The gameplay, although it's been done before, it was executed very smoothly and precisely.
The artwork was great, suited this game quite nicely.
I finished in 179 seconds with 3 mistakes. Just gotta make sure you have a steady hand.
Overall, this was a fun little game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's a pretty solid game

I love how everyone is complaining that this game is too hard and thus giving it 0s because of it. It's really funny actually that they're all whining about it.
Okay, so sure, you die when you touch anything, nothing we haven't seen before, so why are you complaining? Of course it was hard to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's relatively simple to control.
I found the game rather enjoyable. The controls are fair, remind me of the "fishy" game. The main issue is that it's a little slippery, as in you continue to move after releasing the button unless you make short movements.
The soundtrack is great, it's really fun. It's really enjoyable how the enemies move in motion with the music, so once you you hear the tune a few times, you know what to expect. I especially enjoyed the music for the third level.
Overall, it's a pretty good game, and I like it.

Nicely done Fish

Thank god you got this out before the day ended :P

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