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OH WHY????

why is this game so good?
could it be the graphics?
could it be the gameplay?
could it be the intricate puzzles?
or could it be all of those?

umm, lets go with that last one :D

Simply amazing

this game was absolutely fantastic
its so realistic
my only problem i had was trying to find the place to use the syringe
but i beat the game and got all the achievements
its a great series and i hope you continue with it


in response to one of mullet kings secret attacks being splash attack
"Mullet King can use splash attack and actually cause damage"

TheCriminalDuder responds:

So adding that. ;)

Sweet Game

Thunderbird - cast thunder (but you need to be underneath him), then cast jump so you can strike his face and cast shield to take less damage
If your lucky, you can get a streak of hits in, jump and hit, so then he cant recover n shoot more fireballs, after defeating him, pick up the magic refill and cast life, then when fighting dark link, hide in either corner so that you're half on screen so when he jumps at you, you just keep hitting him, then you get the triforce, yay
Abobo - need alot of luck for this one, use the barrel till it dies and then just attack him, but attack him while moving upwards diagonally, so he has a harder time hitting you, so like strike him 2 or 3 times then move out
Wart glitched on me, i got the seltzer n threw it at him, but then he froze and i couldnt do anything, i could still move, but i died if i touched him and nothing was happening


yeah, kept me amused for about 5 minutes, which it probably shouldn't have, yay

Pretty Damn good

this was a pretty sweet game
but i was kinda sad, i was hoping for a Tenacious D song for the pick of Destiny level
but other than that, it was freakin awesome

LilDwarf responds:

Ahh I wish I could have used the D...sadly the contest is against copyrighted songs.



omg this game is amazing man
I am so addicted to it
Very creative and I love the sound, OMG the sonic, made me almost cry
this could be well adapted to a handheld
Use both pads for direction and L n R buttons for smashing

Keep up the good work

Wow, this is great

Brings back memories of the old days of StarCraft Sunken Defense (also because of the sound you used, lol, dying zerg)
It helps because i know how to set up the mazes to slaughter em
Great job man, keep up the good work

This game is awesome

The characters are great,
I've played with every character to see how they die.
And yes that is reptile, to get him double-click ROC.

Freakin Sweet

The sound reminded me of some Daft Punk
I clocked in a time of 15min37sec, new record?

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