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Posted by bigjonny13 - June 11th, 2010

This is my voice acting portfolio. Feel free to leave a review on anything or everything. If you actually like my work, feel free to leave a comment on my page. If you like it enough that you would consider using me for voice acting in a project, drop me a PM.

Audio Portal
Rorschach Joke

Voice Demo [2009]

Castlevania Bloody Tears Rap

The Metaphoric Art Forum Story

Repercussions of Evil

Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans

End of Ze Newgrounds

Babycakes - Doors

Voice Demo Reel [2012]

Newgrounds Assassin Jam

Majora's Wrath

Exploding Ice Cream

Flash Portal
Bad Pickup Lines Collab - Guy hitting on nun

American Dream project - Interviewer

Robot Tolonius - Robot voice

RD10 Poetry & Art Collab - Robot Poet

The Beast (Part 1) - Action Voice Prompter

Men At Bar - Both men

The Mario Collab! - Mario (Mario Goes To Hell, Mario And His Outfits)

7 Deadly Mega Mans - Iceman and Elecman

Christmas Tolonius - Santa Claus

Dilwyn Episode 1 - Goldair

Fagatron - Optimus Prime and Ratchet

Dilwyn Episode 2 - Goldair

Dilwyn Episode 3 - Goldair

The Use of Time Travel - Commander and Soldier

Plunge N' Lunge - Swimmer Dan

Plane Crazy - King Edward I, Announcer, First Guy, Second Guy, Bear

Fairy LongStalk Adventure - Beinop Slurr, Kurgan Offelf, Matt Peters, Matt Peter Followers, Oka Cerns, Prescott Henry, Screaming Male Ghouls, Trev Oppossum, Zac Allergin

bigjonny13 Soundboard - Individual voices from my 2012 Voice Demo

Dilwyn Episode 4 Part 1 - Goldair

NG Office Death Jam - Weatherman

1871: Clement V. - Judge, Clement V

The Universe Ep 1 - William

My Voice Acting Work


Posted by bigjonny13 - March 8th, 2010

Voice Acting Quick Links
Rorschach Joke
Voice Demo
Castlevania Bloody Tears Rap
The Metaphoric Art Forum Story
Repercussions of Evil
Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans
-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

As most of you know, I acquired a headset back in the end of 2009. Many of you have probably seen me wearing it in Stickam and showing off it's awesomeness. And most of you who have been in Stickam know that I yell and curse and do different voices while I'm on.

And that's the key thing, the voices.

I did a small test with voice acting back in 2009, but I was only recording with the microphone that came built into my laptop, and I recorded using the Windows Sound Recorder program. Not exactly the best tools to use. So, once I got my headset, I decided to try a bit of actual voice acting. I also now use Audacity for my recordings, a great program for things such as this. So here's my proper voice acting profile to date (using Audacity and my headset).

First up, was Rorschach Joke. I had just watched Watchmen, and I wanted to try out my hand at Rorschach's voice. I think it turned out alright, nothing special, but the Harry Potter music in the background was amusing.

Next was a Voice Demo. Shudder, this turned out pretty badly. I pretty much winged the entire thing, coming up with voices and dialogue as I went. It was a rather stupid thing to do and I fell flat because of it. I'm hoping to do a much better voice demo in the future with organization beforehand.

Then came the Castlevania Bloody Tears Rap. This wasn't much in the way of voice acting, although I did do a different voice for Dracula. I'm rather pleased with how this turned out, as it was recorded in one take and there has been some great feedback to it.

Lastly was The Metaphoric Art Forum Story. This was a remake of the Metaphoric Art Forum Story which I had recorded back in August. The script was taken from a massive story post that was written by SirNightOwl. I am very, very happy with the way this recording turned out. With some stimulating background music, this was also recorded in one take, and is my longest voice acting piece, clocking in at 5min 21sec. The response has been great for this, and I really love all you guys who took the time to leave me a review.

So, that's my voice acting portfolio. Feel free to leave a review on anything or everything. If you actually like my work, feel free to leave a comment on my page. If you like it enough that you would consider using me for voice acting in a project, drop me a PM.

I just recorded a new piece. This one is the popular meme Repercussions of Evil. I came across this while reading horribly hilarious fan-fiction in Stickam, and the gang suggested that I do a recording of this story. So, I did, and using music from the movie Aliens (which I just watched last night), I think I set the tone for the story down pretty well.

Decided to pay tribute to one of my favourite Dragonball Z characters, Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans. He has a very interesting voice, somewhat deep, yet proper with correct pronunciation. I had a bit of trouble getting the voice down at first. I had the proper accent, but it needed to be deeper. It's almost like a British voice, but a little more rough.

Voice Acting

Posted by bigjonny13 - February 17th, 2010

Posted by bigjonny13 - December 26th, 2009

Posted by bigjonny13 - December 1st, 2009

I just want to say I'm sorry to everyone I've scouted, all 57 of you. You guys deserved to be scouted, and I feel that I've let you all down. Forgiveness is a hard thing to ask of you guys, and I feel as though I don't deserve it because it was all my fault for what happened.
I don't deserve to be scouted...

Dec 2
Apparently, I can't even be scouted anymore in the art portal. I've heard that this was a mistake and that it's currently undo-able, awesome XD

Dec 5
Well, I've pretty much figured out who'd unscouted me. I won't release any names because I don't want anyone getting pissed at them for me, as I will not be attacking this person myself. It is what it is and everyone just has to accept that.

Well, now I've just found out that all my pieces were changed to sketches, and not included in the art portal. So I set them back to pieces, and now they can be voted on, but I'm still unscouted. This is some trippy shit here, I'm like in art portal limbo.

I tried submitting a new piece. On that piece it says "This user has been banned". This is really fucking trippy shit.

I'm sorry

Posted by bigjonny13 - November 21st, 2009

So I haven't been feeling great lately. I've had a cough for a while, but the other day I had a fever. It went away, but I figured that it could come back at anytime seeing as how my immune system is pre-occupied. Also, they were offering the H1N1 shot at my school yesterday, so I decided to get one. So if I get sick, at least I wont get swine-flu sick. So now I'm just sitting in my room with a fever, trying to concentrate on getting through an assignment, but it's just so hard to focus.
Urghhh, why me?

I bought some Extra-strength tylenol a few hours ago and took 2 of them. Wow, when they say extra-strength, they aren't kidding. These bad boys contain 500mg of Acetaminophen each, whereas regular Tylenol contains 325mg of Acetaminophen. With a 2 pill dose, that's 1000mg of Acetaminophen, that's a full gram. So I'm feeling fine under their power, so lets just hope I don't go through the whole bottle before I feel better.

Posted by bigjonny13 - October 13th, 2009

So today, October 13, is my birthday. It's all good and fun.
I've turned 19, which means I can drink legally now in Canada, but it doesn't really make a different because if I wanted to drink I would drink, and I'm not really a big drinker. Although, now I can go out to bars with my friends to hang out.
Also, my parents got me a tablet for my birthday. Yay! I haven't set it up yet because I have been busy with thanksgiving weekend and I have mid-term exams and all, but I will be sure to put it to good use when I can.

OCT 21:
I just installed my tablet. It's really simple and fun to use, but I can't dawdle too much because I still got exams, but I have a bit of a break next week so I'll be sure to get into using it.

OCT 22:
I spent some time getting a feel for the tablet. I worked on a piece for the GRIM collab (hopefully it's acceptable) and I did a few rough sketches. The sketches can be seen in my art thread, and if my GRIM collab piece is acceptable, I'll post it in my thread as well.

OCT 27:
GRIM collab piece was accepted; it's now posted in my art thread. Working on a new piece with my tablet, something more than a simple loose sketch. I'll be posting progress of it in my thread, the first WIP is already there.

Wow, It's My Birthday

Posted by bigjonny13 - August 23rd, 2009

Holy hell, the art forum has exploded with collabs this month. It's intense.
So far, here's what I'm participating in:

- I'm co-running the Madness Collab with ScelesticFish. I've completed two pieces for it and I'm working on a third. Keep submitting pieces for it guys, we want this collab to be great.
- I've submitted a piece to the Elements collab. It's not that great and if I have time, I'd like to make another piece for it.
- I'm joining the Nint3ndo Collab. I've got a few ideas, so I'll see which one works best.
- I've also joined the Ng Level Collab and have picked level 10. I have a good idea for this one, which I hope I can execute properly.
- I might join in on the Grim Collab if I have time for it too.

UPDATE (August 24)
- I've submitted my piece for the Ng Levels Collab. It's me in my ninja suit performing a shoryuken.
- I've also submitted my piece for the Grim Collab. It's a vicious flying eyeball, oh noes!

UPDATE (August 25)
- I've submitted another piece to the Elements Collab. It's pretty much a joke, but the collab has turned into dead end anyways.
- My third Madness Collab piece is coming along. Check the thread for some WIPS.
- I'm working on my Nint3ndo Collab piece. Check the thread for current status.

UPDATE (August 26)
- I completed my Nint3ndo Collab piece. It's a hardcore bullet bill.

UPDATE (September 12)
- Finally completed my third Madness Day Collab piece. Only a few more days for submissions guys, let's see what you have left to offer.

UPDATE (September 22)
- The Madness Day Art Collab is finally out. Check it out here. and enjoy.

Till next time,

Posted by bigjonny13 - July 31st, 2009

Well, might as well list off what's been done and what's left to do.

- The Notepad Collab 09 was completed, submitted and got daily feature. Way to go JKAmovies and thanks for the co-authoring.
- I completed my executioner for the Newgrounds Castle Collab hosted by the fabulous SirNightOwl and TurkeyOnAStick. Thanks for all the advice and help on my piece guys.
- I submitted a piece for the Quartered Face Collab. I think it's pretty fair and I'm pretty surprised at what I was able to come up with.
- I completed and submitted my piece for the Newgrounds Sketchbook Tour 2009. I'm now just waiting for Luis to put up an updated roster for who's pieces have been received.
- I completed another song from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This time it's my rendition of the Kakariko Village theme.

Currently my rendition of Beat It by Michael Jackson has been put on hold due to working on some other art pieces and just sheer procrastination and laziness. But I'll get back to it eventually, maybe even finish it before the summer is over.

Till next time,

Posted by bigjonny13 - June 10th, 2009

Well things are coming together finally now. I've gotten back into drawing - I completed a submission for the Notepad Collab 09 and an easter egg too, I've started work on my Caste Collab executioner, and I finally have an idea for my Sketchbook Tour 2009 piece. I've also gotten some more work done for audio - I've completed one song, Midna's Desperation from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and I'm about a third of the way through my composition of Beat It by Michael Jackson.
Until next post,